Las Penitas Beach


Guided Visit of the Juan Venade Ecological Reserve

We have collaborated with local guides to organize a guided tour of the Juan Venado Ecological Reserve, situated at the outskirts of the village. This reserve is part of the Nicaraguan National Parks. It is an island that has on one side a deserted 20 kilometer beach and on the other side a winding channel in the heart of a mangrove swamp. The variety of wildlife that inhabits this land is remarkable, including over 200 species of birds. One can also see many species of iguanas and crocodiles. Furthermore, this area is a laying ground for thousands of turtles who come to lay their eggs here during the New Moon period. This tour can be booked individually or for groups of up to 8 people. This tour can be combined with a deep sea fishing adventure to complete your dream holiday.

Renting a boat from $ 70 for a half day

turtle tour: $ 10 per person



the Juan Venado Ecological Reserve

Juan Venado

Juan VenadoxJuan Venadox Juan Venado xJuan Venado

Juan Venado


Deep sea fishing adventure




For many years now, the waves of Las Peñitas are raved about by surfers from all across the planet. Every March Las Peñitas is part of the Central American surf competition circuit. Different sites in the village offer beginner to advance waves depending on season wind conditions. If you are beginner, your instructor on site can teach you the basics of the sport. We also rent surfboards.

The price is $ 20 per hour for the instructor

Cost for rent a surfboard is $ 10 per day